Environmental Compliance
Environmental Compliance

Kehasan adopts the Pollution Control Guidelines for Industrial Development in Negara Brunei
Darussalam as its legal and other requirements under the ISO14001 EMS system. In areas where
management of environmental aspects are not available in the Guidelines, Kehasan adopts other
regional and international sound practices in managing the environmental aspects.

Kehasan monitors its treated effluent, exhaust air emission and treated solids or ashes. US TCLP tests
are carried out to ensure compliance of landfill criteria for treated solids for landfill. All laboratory analysis
are carried out independent third party. These results are compiled and submitted to the Department of
Environment Parks and Recreation on quarterly basis pursuant to Chapter 7 of the Guidelines. Typical
types of results submitted are shown below.

In addition to quarterly submission, Kehasan constantly engages with stakeholders in particular with the
Department of Environmental Parks and Recreation to deliberate on environmental issues.