Gasification Plants for Processing Used Tyres
Gasification Plants

At the very basic level, the technology involves thermo-chemical decomposition of waste tyres
in deprived air environment to break them into its constituents in the presence of catalyst. The
end products are synthetic oil and gas, carbon and wires. The very same machine has been
used the following waste materials as its feedstock.

•        Plastic or HDPE drums
•        Oil sludges
•        Oil contaminated soils
•        Oil based drilling mud
•        Oil emulsion

Each plant is capable of processing up to 10 tons of combination of feedstock listed above in
each cycle. The heating, production and condensation phases are illustrated in a simple chart

Excess gas produce
d from the production process is routed back into the furnace as heating
fuel. This step greatly reduces the input of external fuel and making the entire process
sustainable. About 10 to 15% of the oil produced is usually used as input energy. The
remaining fuel is sold for industrial application. The net effect is negative carbon footprint.
Gasification Plant