High Temperature Destruction Plant for Hazardous Waste Disposal
High Temperature Destruction Plant

The plant is designed to handle varied waste. The primary chamber is fixed with 3 burners and two in the
secondary chambers. The system is dual-chamber capable of reaching optimal temperatures of
850/1100 deg C. At temperature of 1,100 deg C with 2 second retention time, virtually all organic
compounds can be safely destroyed by this plant.

The incinerator has a capacity of 3 tons/day varied wastes, among others are :
1.        Oil spill materials
2.        Organic compounds
3.        Drilling waste chemicals
4.        Mud cuttings and oil based muds
5.        Liquid wastes such as formaldehyde, xylene, paint solvents, methanol and ethanol
6.        Used rags, gloves and other oil contaminated materials

The incinerator is housed in a warehouse and fully surrounded with kerb to prevent any accidental spill to
the environment.

Solids are loaded through the front loading door. The system is installed with liquid injectors to deal with
liquid wastes. Separate tanks are provided to avoid mixing incompatible chemicals. For oil based mud, a
dedicated mud injection system is provide to deal with this waste stream. Pictures below show the liquid
waste storage tanks and the injection system.

Two important by products that need to be properly dealt with are exhaust gas and ashes form the
incineration process.

A wet scrubber is installed to treat exhaust gas prior to its release to the environment. Besides particulate
removal other chemical compounds are also removed in the scrubbing process and treated. The system
is installed with air sampling pot to monitor exhaust gas to ensure compliance with the Brunei Pollution
Control Guidelines.

A carefully operated Thermal Destruction Plant produces little residues. Kehasan adopted the USEPA’s
TCLP method of test to ensure it meets the landfill criteria prior to shipping to engineered landfill for
permanent disposal.

The system requirements and stack air emission are in compliance with the Pollution Control Guidelines
for Industrial Development in Brunei Darussalam.
Pictures showing the
scrubber system. The only
such system in Brunei