Environmental Protection : System Integrity
Operations Control

An effective operations control requires proper execution of environmental management and
monitoring programme (EMMP) that serves to implement control measures to meet the EMS Object
and Targets
  1. Zero land/ground pollution
  2. Zero water pollution and
  3. Air pollution to as low as practicable possible

These objectives and targets are drawn up to uphold relevant clauses in the Environmental Policy on
  1. Complying with all applicable Environment legislation and other requirements
  2. Protecting the Environment of our people at all time under all circumstances.
  3. Minimizing our impact on the environment through prevention of pollution i.e., the prevention
    and control of emissions, the efficient use of natural resources and the reduction and
    recycling waste.
  4. To monitor, evaluate and continually improve our EMS performance through the definition of
    operational standards, training assessment and audi

Without an effective EMMP, the Facility would have recorded significance air, water and land pollution
and facing closure. A proper management of environmental aspects has reduced the air, water and
land pollution to acceptable levels

Specifically for potential ground and groundwater contamination arising from our activities, an
extensive environmental baseline study was carried out in consultation with Brunei Department of
Environment Parks and Recreation. All these works together with periodic monitoring are carried out
to the requirements of the authority.
Inspection by JASTRE officials at one of the ground water monitoring
well installed as a component of Environmental Baseline Study
Control of storm water runoff and
wastewater treatment
A system incorporating
safety feature