Our People : Competency, Awareness & Training
Health, Safety and Environment Management

Kehasan employs risk based approach in managing hazards at workplace. Hazards are systematically
identified, their risks assessed, appropriate measures are devised to minimize the risks to as low as
practically possible. At the very basic, PPEs are being provided to our workforce to act as barriers against
the hazards. These are consistent with the Workplace Safety and Health Order. Kehasan employs more
advance engineering techniques from merely providing PPEs. In the process design, Kehasan
implemented the converting venting to flaring at our Gasification Plant.

PPEs alone serve little benefit if workforce is not educated on dealing with hazards. Kehasan believes a
better way of dealing with hazards and improve safety is to educate our workforce identifying hazards and
know how to deal with them. To achieve this objective, we carry out training needs analysis to identify
gaps. Management and Supervisors are tasked to carry out regular coaching sessions and conducting
safety training

Kehasan is in a unique position in that it has only one of its kind of plants in Brunei Darussalam. It has not
peer when it comes to HSE management for its Gasification Plants. For this reason, Kehasan carried out
intensive training needs analysis to identify gaps and courses to be attended by operations personnel.  

We share with you some photos of  our people at various HSSE engagement sessions with workforce and