Public Awareness
Being the only facility in Brunei Darussalam that is capable of processing into beneficial uses, Kehasan is
oblige to educate the public on the importance of recycling and preserving the environment for future
generations. Kehasan first stakeholder engagement is its participation and education initiative at the
recent World Environment Day in June 2015. Soon an education center will be set up at Bukit Udal
Material Recovery Center to cater for visitors from schools, institutions of higher education and
government agencies.  
Plastic and its related polymer derived products are so entranced in our life and you see them everywhere,
at home, work or even during your recreation time. Plastics are inert and relatively persistence to
degradation. Because of this fact, recent advancements have churned out products that are relatively
biodegradable but it still does not lead to complete breakdown of plastics. Some facts about plastics are

  1. One plastic bottle that is recycled saves as much as energy needed to power one 60 watt bulb for
    about six hours.
  2. Recycling waste plastic is good for environment as it uses only half of the energy required to make
    virgin plastic. Reformation of plastic waste is more resourceful than creating new plastic as it also
    saves fuel in processing and in turn reduces waste discharge.
  3. A plastic milk jug approximately takes a million years to decompose and at the same time a plastic
    cup takes around 80 years to decompose completely. Plastic bags that are thrown into the Ocean
    and other water bodies kill many creatures living in the sea every year together with plastic