Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wastewater Treatment Plant

As in any production processes, our gasification plants produce some wastewater that has to be
properly managed prior to discharge to the environment. The plant also support to process washed
water from the drum processing activity.

Kehasan employs physical/chemical treatment to initially treat the wastewater to a level suitable for
biological treatment. Our treated effluent is capable of meeting discharge standards of

BOD                        < 20ppm
SS                           < 30ppm
Oil & grease            < 5ppm

Our capability in water treatment is enhanced with the recently completed Retention Pond that is
doubled up as Activated Sludge Process Pond.

Effluent from the physical/ chemical process is discharged into this Pond for further polishing prior to
discharge to the environment.
Results of treated effluent
complying with Pollution Control
Guidelines for Industrial
Development in Brunei
and other applicable
international standards