Owned and Operated by Kehasan (B) Sdn Bhd
The Facility provides environmental services in hazardous waste management disposal to
oil & gas industry  in Brunei Darussalam. It is operating in compliance with Brunei
environmental laws and regulations, notably the Environmental Protection and
Management Order 2016.

It is set up under the Public-Private-Partnership between Kehasan (B) Sdn Bhd and
Brunei Department of Environment Parks and Recreation (JASTRe). JASTRe is a
custodian of the Pollution Control Guidelines for Industrial Development in Negara Brunei

Within a short period, Kehasan has successfully established itself as a credible
environmental services company. It has installed a number of operational facilities at its
Bukit Udal Material Recovery Facility, namely

  1. Four units of gasification plants
  2. Two high temperature destruction plants with flue gas scrubber system
  3. An integrated Wastewater Treatment Plant
  4. Decanting/Container Washing Bay with necessary containment
  5. Tyre Shredder

The main feature of this project is recovery/production of synthetic oil from waste tyres.
Kehasan is proud to be a micro “oil producer” in Brunei Darussalam. Energy recovered
from its system far outstripped energy input, thus, the facility is a net carbon negative. It is
an interesting green economy activity.

Since Kehasan is a “micro” oil producer, it becomes a second nature for Kehasan to
manage wastes emanated from oil & gas production and exploration activities. There are a
number of waste-streams that Kehasan is able to manage them in an environmentally
sound manner, viz,
•        Oily waste emulsion, waste oil and oil sludges
•        Drilling hose/tyre fenders
•        Contaminated soils
•        Solvents
•        Drilling mud
•        Spent chemicals

Being a contractor for the custodian of the Pollution Control Guidelines for Industrial
Development in Brunei Darussalam, Kehasan is committed to operate and continuously
improve its facility to the highest environmental standards to safeguard the reputation of
all stakeholders. Kehasan’s external certification of
ISO14001:2004 Environmental
Management System is a testimony of its obligations and commitments.

The Facility has obtained environmental permit from JASTRe/Ministry of Development for
Management of Hazardous Wastes and is registered with Brunei Public Works Department
on Environment and Solid Waste Management Services
Aerial view of
the Facility
View of the entrance
to Bukit Udal Material
Recovery Center